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Atavie design + development helps the next generation of startups and web-based companies realize their vision by making their online presence clean, secure, user friendly, modular, quick and adaptable.

From a team with deep experience spanning design, technology, brand who have worked with international organizations across culture, lifestyle, education, hospitality and finance.

Atavie Ima
アタビ 今

Modular quick adaptable

Tried and tested methodology, unique design and easy administration


いまここじぶん ( I am here now)

Atavie Ima serves diverse needs while ensuring a consistent and repeatable workflow. A modular approach that spans design, development and deployment, including codebase deploy from git repository, hosting, continuous integration, database syncing and backups.

With Ima's modern development stack, we build custom designs from our ever expanding library of components that evolves with each client's individual expectations.

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